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  • Looking to create a killer looking website?
  • Are you new at web-programming?
  • Are you looking for an easy way to get the job done?
  • What to try the software before you buy?

"This is the same software that got me started in web-programming. They are worth every penny!"

Dave Lindberg

Make your site look professional using these easy to use tools:





I'm a CoffeeCup Ambassador. CoffeeCup makes some of the coolest Web Design software around.

If you decide to buy, use my special Coupon Code JAVABEAN when you order to Save 20%. Enjoy!

CoffeeCup Web Design Software

cool podcasts

Some of my favorites: No Agenda Show
with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. World news and events de- constructed!

Tea Time Show
Talton and Dave talk about whatever they want, whenever they want, and possibly even touch on Android here and there.

The Dave Ramsey Show
Take control of you money, not the other way around.

cool websites

Some of my favorites: Fountain Pen Network
A great resrource for fountain pen fanatics.

Android Central
Android Central is a up to date resource and forums for Android news AND are part of The Smart Phone Experts Network that also encompasses BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Windows Phone, Palm and Treo communities.

Spiritual Evolution of the Bean
Hippie Metaphysical Mandala Writer/ Artist/ Musician writes about life, the universe & everything and regularly reviews art supplies, fountain pens & paper.

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