t-shirts? i thought you only offer decals?

Official Android T-Shirts

Looking for official Android t-shirts and other wearable items? Visit the Google Store at http://www.googlestore.com . Click to visit the Google Store


Custom Made T-Shirts

I created a few t-shirt designs for you to look over. These are not silk-screened. They are Flock decals applied to t-shirts. Some designs were created and designed by me, others were created and designed by other artists. All tees are fulfilled using a trusted third-party vendor.

Each shirt is of high quality and the Flock decal lasts a very long time when washed as prescribed: cool water (40-degrees), wash in gentle cycle inside out, tumble dry low, iron inside out. What do you think?

Click here to visit my T-Shirt Shop.

I've added some new designs from other artists, and have made t-shirts with them - with permission. I'll be adding other cool design from other artists as I find them.

Click to go to T-Shirt Shop Click to go to T-Shirt Shop
Click to go to T-Shirt Shop Click to go to T-Shirt Shop


PLEASE NOTE: My t-shirt shop orders are processed using a trusted third-party vendor. Orders of decals and t-shirts cannot be combined in one order or one payment method.






t-shirt orders

If you order... If you order a Custom Made T-Shirt, the vendor I use I will not allow me to access the address where your shirt is shipped. If you would like to receive a thank you note from me, please email me your name, address and what you ordered. Thanks.


What do you think? Let me know if you would be interested in quality silk-screened Android or other geekie or techie t-shirts. Click here to take our survey and let me know what you be interested in.

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